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I don’t think I’ve ever been as nervous about being with someone, as I am now. A lot of my previous relationships have basically been me either a) going with the flow or b) staying for fear of not being alone. So to be so hopeful about this relationship’s future and deep in infatuation, it makes things tricky.

I haven’t been able to write about my feelings as of late, because I didn’t believe that I could accurately portray everything that I was feeling. I’m so happy. The weight of that sentence may be lost to my readers, so maybe I should reiterate that. I’M SO HAPPY. I promise that all of this hasn’t isn’t placed in the hands of this amazing man, although HONEY is amazing. No, this happy comes from a place of realizing all the good that I have currently, being thankful for every small and large miracle I’ve been blessed with, and making progressive steps to attain more for my future.

“You have to be faithful over your little, so you can be blessed with more.”
I’m living by this. Down to a T. Arriving to work early, being available for any task that I may be needed for, and striving to be the best at what I do, so that I can be granted something better. Keeping my apartment clean, paying my bills on time, and not disrespecting my space. Trying to be an open and honest GOOD girlfriend. Not being frivolous with my money. Doing the things I’m supposed to do FIRST. I need to prove to God, the universe, myself, whoever, that I can be responsible over what I have currently.

It’s a simple concept that I recommend trying. Think of an area of your life that you’d like to improve upon, and try to better it by working on the current. You’d like a new car? Wash your current car faithfully, and respect it. Save for the new one, while maintaining and being thankful for what’s in your garage now, and I guarantee you that it’ll happen sooner than later.
Be blessed.


Anonymous said...

This was an excellent post Eb, glad you're doing well and handling the responsibility and striving to do better =]

nina said...

i am very happy you finally realized your happiness... who knew we could both feel the same way at the same time